Orchestra conductor of our collection.

The fruit of the aim of rewriting the criteria of perception of art, quality and craftsmanship in furniture. An admiral itself. It took his fluid and gradual lines from the piano. It is layered within itself, sharp but generally organic. When you look carefully at the product, you will see the rising and falling frequencies in the form of an equalizer graphic, and you will hear the sound of a bass baritone tenor through this component. The sequential cuts you see on the left side of the product are individual pieces that are massively coated by hand. We combined these units, which are the manifestation of our high craftsmanship, with metals consisting of tens of pieces. We designed the wing structure exposed on the panel as the king’s crown of this masculine product and we tried to use it in all details. Baritone, where we bring the perception of Turkish quality to the top in the office and furniture sector; It was designed and manufactured in a fiction that will defy the years with its retromodern structure. We are pleased to present this precious work to you, our esteemed guests.